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Registration for MG University II Semester UG examination , Last date June 8. 2023

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Offering Access to high-Quality education for everyone

The college contributes to society by educating young minds by imparting fundamental knowledge, cultivating creativity, and uncovering solutions. The Experienced Leadership and faculty of the college bring the latest advances in knowledge and innovative teaching, learning, and evaluating methods. Leading to the wholesome development of students for better placement and higher studies.

Our Motto

 “Divinae Consortes”
Partakers of the Divine nature, (Bible 2 Peter 1:3-4)

Our Vision

The college is committed to pursuit of excellence and holistic growth of the learner with focus on sustainable development.

Our Mission

Achieve excellence in teaching, learning and evaluation through innovative and robust methods.


based education

centered learning



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Our college offers a dynamic and comprehensive range of programs
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Message from Principal

“Education is that which remains if one has forgotten everything he learned ….’’       Albert Einstein (Ideas and Opinions, p. 63)

Dear Students, Parents, Colleagues and other Associates,

The new world order has made higher education, predominantly a transnational service. Of late educators and students move across the globe to either offer or avail the education services. Nevertheless, qualitative higher education is still a dream for many in the developing world. The CSI College for Advanced Studies, Punnakkad focuses on Outcome Based Education for enlightening the learning experiences of students. Through well- structured activity-based and experiential learning methods in teaching, the creativity and problem-solving skills of learners are enhanced for better placement and progression for higher studies. Research and Extension will go hand in hand with Teaching-Learning and Evaluation from the undergraduate level itself. We should always be concerned about the global challenges and local needs. The policies and practices of the college will be governed by the Sustainable Development Goals of Unite Nations International and the National Education Policy 2020 of Govt. of India. The significance of art and culture on human development is duly recognized. Good governance and value education will be the hallmark of our growth pursuits. As the principal of the college, it is very important that I understand your concerns and experiences. I am also eager to get your ideas on how we can make a positive impact at the CSI College and I would like you to feel that your views are considered and that you are part of the ongoing discussions about CSI College Life. We plan to move on to the new campus by 2024 and we will acquire new vigour and strength in the new square.

I wish you all the best for the new academic year ahead.

Roy Sam Daniel
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